Something About Single Layer PP/PS Sheet Extruder

August 09,2021

Single Layer PP/PS/PE Sheet Extruder, or Mono-layer PP/PS/PE extrusion machine is mainly used for producing PP, PS, PE film.  It adopts full-automatic feeding device and can largely improve production efficiency. The extrusion outlet of mono-layer plastic extruder is equipped with melt dosing pump and can realize quantitative steady pressure output, which can achieve automatic closed-loop control of pressure and speed. And the screw adopts big L/D (length/diameter) Ratio to achieve equal plasticization, even thickness and constant flowing speed.

Mono-layer PP/PS/PE extrusion machine adopts PLC control system, which can realize the automatic control of parameter setting, data operation, feedback, alarm and other functions. The machine has compact structure, small floor area and convenient maintenance.


▶️China Customized Mono-Layer Pp Ps Pe Hips Casting Film Extrusion Line Machine

 China Customized Mono-Layer Pp Ps Pe Hips Casting Film Extrusion Line Machine

Best Price for OEM Mono-layer PP extrusion machine

▶️Full automatic sheet extrusion machine

Full automatic sheet extrusion line is equipped three-roller calender, with high performance vented extruder, die, screen change system, melt pump, cooling rocket, haul-off unit, cutting unit and etc.


This kind of line is suitable to produce PE/PP/PS mono-layer and multi-layer sheet/plate with thickness of 0.2mm to 30mm and width of upto 3200mm. The production speed can reach 70m/min for thin sheet with full automatic controll PE/PP/PS mono-layer and Multi-layer Sheet Extrusion Line


▶️Application of customized sheet extruder

Mono-layer plastic extruder is mainly used to produce single-chip plastics of PP, PS and other materials. Then these plastic sheets are processed into plastic containers, plastic cups and plastic covers by thermoforming machine, which are widely used in the field of plastic packaging.



OEM Mono-layer PP extrusion machine



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