Professional Knowledge Related to Thermoforming

September 16,2021

In short, the term thermoforming describes a plastic moulding process where a sheet of plastic is heated to a heat and then developed over a mould. The plastic sheet after that takes the form of the mould when it enters into contact with it. The moulding is after that normally trimmed to make an able to be used item.

Additionally there are many various other differentials in the thermoforming process, including whether the mould is male or female, how detailed the mould is, what coatings are called for as well as also what products are utilized. This article is just a short overview of some materials used in thermoforming.


Professional Knowledge Related to Thermoforming


Materials Used in Thermoforming


ABS Plastic

ABS is understood for its difficult resilience to the aspects, consisting of warm; it can deal with temperature levels anywhere from -4 to 176 ° F. This allows the plastic to be built at high temperatures. A lot of generally used for mechanical objectives, like for pipeline systems, it can also be utilized for protective headgear, golf club heads, music instruments, like recorders, as well as also for playthings, like Lego. The plastic can also be utilized in some tattoo inks.

HIPS Plastic

HIPS plastic, or polystyrene, can be used for frothed or inflexible plastic. This plastic's clear and weak calmness makes it a suitable plastic for protective product packaging, like loading peanuts, or food as well as drink items, like clamshell containers, bottles as well as disposable cutlery. This plastic can be easy to produce-- and also at an affordable.

HDPE Plastic

A variation of HIPS plastic, HDPE (high-density) polyethylene is a stronger thermoformed plastic comprised of oil. Due to its exceptional strength to thickness ratio, HDPE is utilized in a wide array of applications, including everything from plastic bags and also bottles to hula hoops to even fireworks. This plastic is additionally generally utilized for installation of optical ground wire(OPGW) fiber that contains IEC 60794-4, IEC 60794-1, IEC 60794-5, EN 50290-2-27, IEC 60794.

PVC Plastic

PVC--polyvinyl chloride-- plastic is 3rd most-used polymer. Produced with suspension polymerization, this plastic has a solid, tough structure, making it an excellent stiff plastic that can endure extreme temperatures and also effects. Its inexpensive additionally makes it attractive for companies. PVC is generally used for sewage pipes, business signage, electric wires, flooring, synthetic leather clothes and also even more.

PET Plastic

Among the most typical thermoformed plastics, FAMILY PET, or polyethylene terephthalate, is generally made use of for artificial fibers and also bottle manufacturing. As soon as built into a shape during thermoforming, PET DOG plastic need to be dried out to boost its resistance. When completed, items made from PET DOG plastic have a wonderful resistance and also obstacles from outdoors aspects. This plastic is additionally among one of the most recycled kinds of plastics.

PETG Plastic

PETG (polyethylene terephthalate glycol-modified) plastic is a variation of PET DOG plastic. PETG plastic can be built throughout thermoforming for blister packaging as well as trays.


From the above, we understand the materials used in the thermoforming process. Our understanding and experience in this specialist location of plastic moulding enables us to identify which techniques, products and finishes are suitable to your requirements. We are thermoforming machine supplier. Any interests, welcome to contact us.