Printing Principle of Curved Surface Offset Press

July 12,2022

Curved surface printing equipment is not only silk screen printing, but also pad printing, heat transfer printing, offset printing, etc. the printing technology used by different printing equipment may also be different. For example, silk screen printing is hole printing, pad printing is special printing, and offset printing is lithographic printing. Today, I can't talk about so much curved surface printing equipment. Let's talk about the printing principle of offset printing in curved surface printing equipment.


curved surface offset press


Surface printing equipment offset printing machine belongs to flat panel printing. Its printing principle is simply indirect printing. First, pictures and texts are printed on the blanket and then printed on the surface of the substrate of the surface through the blanket. The name offset printing comes from the blanket, which plays an irreplaceable role in offset printing. Offset printing because the blanket can be deformed, so it can print the table well on the uneven substrate so that the ink can be fully transferred.


The printing principle of surface printing equipment offset press is very complex in detail, which involves three principles, namely, the principle of oil-water immiscibility, the principle of selective adsorption of the printing plate, and the principle of dot color. The so-called oil-water immiscibility principle is simply that the molecular structure of water with slight polarity is different from that of non-polar oil molecules, resulting in the inability of water and oil to attract and dissolve. The existence of this rule makes it possible to use water in plane printing plates to distinguish between pictures and blank parts.


The selective adsorption principle of a printing plate is that it can adsorb different substances according to the different surface tension, which also makes it possible for the separation of pictures and texts in offset lithography. The principle of dot quality, because the offset printing plate is flat, it can't rely on the thickness of the ink to express the graphic level on the printed matter, but by dividing the different levels into very small dot units that can't be detected by the naked eye, it can effectively show a rich image level.


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