Introduction of china Higher Stroke Thermoforming Machine

August 06,2021

Full Automactic Positive and Negative Pressure Thermoforming Machines

🔹 The Differences Between all-in-one type and split type

The difference between negative pressure suction machine & positive and negative pressure suction machine is that negative pressure suction machine only has plastic suction function, and positive and negative pressure suction machine has the functions of blow molding and plastic suction; The negative pressure plastic suction machine is forced to be positive. The cost of the negative pressure plastic suction machine is lower and the structure is simpler.


china Higher Stroke Thermoforming Machine—Working Principles:

Blister forming is also called thermoplastic forming. This forming process mainly uses PVC, pet, PETG, APTT, PP, PE, PS, etc. after vacuum generated by vacuum pump.


The thermoplastic sheet is sucked into vacuum covers of various shapes through the mold, or attached to the surface of products of various shapes. Blister can be divided into thin sheet Blister and thick sheet Blister according to the thickness of the sheet.


china Higher Stroke Thermoforming Machine—construction

Thermoforming Machine is composed of feeding, pulling, upper and lower electric heating furnaces, lower gate, multi-functional adjustable size, lower die plate, upper die, upper gate, knife gate, slicing, releasing and equipped with vacuum device;


The common products of thick blister are: liner shell of household appliances, luggage, exhibition rack accessories, decoration, automobile interior, bumper, fender, beauty equipment, light box shell, toy car shell, industrial panel, advertising light box, blister logo, sanitary products, refrigerator liner, etc.


8 Terms related to time of Positive and Negative Pressure Thermoforming Machines

1. Heating time.

It refers to the stay time of the sheet in the electric furnace. Generally, the forming machine is heated in three stages. For example, if the operation cycle is 3 seconds, the sheet will stop three times from entering the electric furnace to leaving the electric furnace, and each heating time is 3 seconds, then the total time is 9 seconds. The length of heating time depends on the material and thickness of the sheet, the temperature of the electric furnace and the time of the operation cycle. Generally speaking, the thicker the sheet, the longer the heating time, and the higher the temperature of the electric furnace, the shorter the heating time. In actual production, in order to improve the production capacity, the commissioning principle is to shorten the heating time with higher heating temperature, so as to speed up the operation cycle time and achieve the production capacity of the equipment.

2. Operation cycle.

It refers to the total time of the mold from mold closing, positive and negative pressure forming, cooling and setting, blowing away from the mold and chain sending. Generally, the operation cycle of machinery can be very fast, which will be less than the heating time. Therefore, when the heating time can no longer be shortened, the operation cycle time is equal to the heating time.


3. Negative pressure time.

It refers to the time from the beginning of vacuumizing to the end of vacuumizing after mold closing. Because there is a time process after mold closing, vacuumizing generally needs a delay. In principle, the negative pressure time should be as long as possible, which is conducive to the sheet clinging to the mold and the rapid cooling and shaping of products.


china Higher Stroke Thermoforming Machine

Automatic Four-Pillar Plastic Thermoforming Machine With Higher Stroke or Bigger Forming Area


4. Positive pressure time.

Compressed air is much higher than vacuum pressure, so positive pressure is more conducive to product forming, which can indirectly reduce the heating temperature, reduce the burden of cooling water, and will not affect the heating time of the sheet. Generally, the start time of positive pressure is later than the negative pressure time, and the end time is earlier than the negative pressure time, which plays the role of high-pressure forming, shaping and cooling in the middle.


5. Setting time.

It refers to the cooling and setting time of products in the mold after positive and negative pressure forming in the mold. The length of setting time depends on the temperature of the mold, the size and thickness of products. In order to obtain qualified products, cooling and setting plays a key role. Generally, the time should not be too short. Lower cooling water temperature can shorten the setting time of products, However, too low mold temperature will also lead to rapid shrinkage of products and cooling marks, so reasonable mold temperature control is particularly important.

6. Delay time.

All actions of multi station are based on the running and stopping of the chain. By setting the delay time of each action, there will be morning and evening, so as to achieve good action cooperation, so as to obtain good products.




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