Curved Screen Printers v.s. Curved Offset Printers

September 01,2022

Among the curved printing equipment, the most common are curved screen printers and curved offset printers. Curved screen printing is commonly used in cosmetics, such as lipstick tubes, cream bottles, etc. Curved offset printers are often used for paper cups, etc. What's the difference between these two presses?


Curved Offset Printers


Features of curved offset presses


  1. It is widely used in printing beverage cups, yogurt cups, ice cream cups, instant lunch boxes and other plastic products.


  1. It has the characteristics of compact structure, strong rigidity, low noise, etc.


  1. It is an ideal environmental protection mechanical equipment.


  1. The cup is horizontally fed and processed by electric ironing before printing, and the imprint is clear.


  1. The printing installation is automatically tensioned by the positioning spring, the upper and lower printing plates are convenient, and the color registration is easy.


  1. The printing cylinder and the printing plate roller are cantilevered, and the pressure regulation is simple.


Curved Screen Printers v.s. Curved Offset Printers


The screen printing machine and the offset printing machine in the curved printing equipment use different printing technologies. The curved screen printing machine uses stencil printing, while the offset printing uses lithographic printing. The curved screen printing machine is direct printing, while the offset printing is indirect printing. The latter needs to be stained with ink on the graphic part, and then transferred to the blanket. Then it is printed on the substrate through the rubber cloth.


The effect of the screen printing machine and the offset printing machine in the curved printing equipment is also different. The ink printed by the curved printing machine is thicker and has a strong three-dimensional effect. However, its color depth is relatively strong, and it is suitable for printing products with relatively single color and simple graphics and text.


The printing ink of the curved offset press is relatively thin, the three-dimensional effect is poor, and it is easy to fall off. However, it can print rich colors, which is suitable for more complex graphics and texts with various colors.


Both screen printing machines and offset printing machines in curved printing equipment have their own advantages and disadvantages. They are used in different fields. Offset printing and production costs are relatively low and are used on relatively inexpensive products. The production cost of silk screen printing is relatively high, and it is mostly used in high-end products.




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