Characteristics of Vacuum Forming Machine

August 16,2022

Our vacuum forming machine is mainly applicable to PVC, PS, expanded PSP, PP, pet, biodegradable PP, and other crimped plates. Through the vacuum molding process, we can make various thin and open containers, such as a variety of disposable lunch boxes, fast food plates, instant noodles bowls, Western food boxes, food packaging liners, ice cream cups, candy boxes, cake components, hardware, etc., as well as breeding plates for agricultural products and vegetables.


vacuum forming machine


Characteristics of vacuum forming machine


  • Combine pneumatic, mechanical and electric systems. This machine realizes automatic continuous feeding, molding, demoulding,cross-cutting, and stacking. It adopts a PLC control system to make the machine more reliable.


  • It is more stable and reliable to use a photocell to control the feeding, and the feeding width and length can be adjusted by osmosis, which is suitable for arranging different molds. It has the advantage of high efficiency.


  • The two-step vacuum function is suitable for manufacturing large-depth products and male mold molding. The mold replacement is convenient and fast.


  • The hollow far-infrared heating element is equipped with an upper and lower heating system, which has an automatic temperature control system.


  • With the air cooling and water mist system, it can work continuously without a  water cooling system, which is suitable for the production of non-metal molds.


  • Biaxial loosening device, transverse cutting and shot unit, improve production efficiency.
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