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August 09,2021

Application of china Four-Pillar Thermoforming Machine

Four-Pillar Thermoforming Machine factory

Automatic Four-Pillar Thermoforming Machine Wholesaler


This series of four-pillar thermoforming machine is mainly used to make all kinds of plastic cups, such as drinking cup, jelly cup, yogurt cup, coffee cup, flower pot, disposable bowl, cover, plate, tray, etc.


Features of Our Four-Pillar Thermoforming Machine:


It adopts four pillars to fix the mould.The operation is controlled by PLC with touch screen.

Fill oil automatically to lubricate mechanism movement at certain time.


Machine production process started from sheet feeding, heating, stretching, forming , in-mould cutting in one stroke. The Temperature control modules to control each temperature area.


Working Principles Behind Thermoforming Machine

🖍 The principle behind thermoformed machines is very simple in theory. Heat a piece of polystyrene, polypropylene or similar plastic sheet or film, and pull the sheet down on the solid mold through the vacuum and air pressure process to obtain the desired shape. Anything from the dashboard to the remote key can be made in this way.


🖍Most thermoforming production is carried out by roller feeders. The sheet fed machine is used for smaller applications. Larger production units have internal plate extrusion equipment. Due to the complexity of synchronous sheet extrusion equipment and thermoforming machine, these two processes can be carried out independently of each other. Extruded sheet produced before the production plan.


🖍For very large capacity, a fully integrated online closed-loop system is reasonable. The production line uses plastic raw materials, and the extruder is directly sent to the thermoforming machine.



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Automatic Four-Pillar Thermoforming Machine made by China Zhejiang Fuxinlong Machinery is characterized by convenient operation, outstanding performance, low noise and high quality.


Four-Pillar Thermoforming Machine factory


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